So, I was thinking about my last couple of posts – the one, which encouraged you to have conversations asking about the perspectives of other ethnicities, and the other, which provided an opportunity to listen in on a conversation in the form off a video.  It seems that each time I put something out there and press the publish button I begin thinking about how you could have said it better and how I overlooked things that I should have addressed.  At any rate, I wanted to give some cautions about the request that you have conversations with other races about race.  One of the cautions is that it’s not necessarily appropriate to ask someone of another race about race outside of the context of a genuine friendship.  Or to put it differently, don’t try to build a relationship on a minority helping you understand racial differences.  This is a relationship not a project.  Don’t treat the humanity of another as a novelty to be discussed and explored, but treat them as you would want to be treated – a friend, a living soul created in the image of God.

Speaking of the image of God… that has been an underlying assumption that I haven’t explicitly touched on.  In my posts so far I’m purposefully keeping the conversation within the realm of the body of Christ, the church.  This is because I don’t know of any motivation for engaging in this conversation to which I can appeal  but the love of Christ.  Certainly, naturalistic evolution doesn’t provide any basis or motivation to show love to those who are different than us.  So, I’ve focused primarily on the spiritual reality of the unity of the body of Christ.  Christ died to make one new kingdom comprised of people of every tribe and language.  In this focus, I’ve overlooked the basic reality that we are all created with inherent dignity – in the image of God.  Surely this is an underlying motive to love not only those in the body of Christ, but all of humanity… even the terrorist – even the one beheading Christians.


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